Bishop’s Message


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The Seminary in each diocese is its heartbeat, and therefore the heart of the bishop as well. I welcome you to this platform that is seeing St. Peter’s Minor Seminary Madera becoming digitally visible to the world. I congratulate the seminary community; the Rector and staff for their tireless effort in injecting a new spirit into this nursery bed of priestly formation in Soroti Catholic diocese. Let the young seminarians always ensure that they nurture in themselves Christian and priestly qualities required in the evangelization of modern and postmodern societies.

I am confident that this Seminary will catapult itself to greater heights that the founding father dreamt of and I continue to dream of and work towards.

May I call upon parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staff, alumni and all people of good will within and without Soroti Catholic Diocese to generously support the academic and developmental trajectory of this growing seminary.

+RT. Rev. Joseph Eciru Oliach,

Bishop of Soroti Catholic diocese.