Rector’s Message


I am profoundly thrilled to welcome our esteemed readers and well-wishers to St. Peter’s Minor Seminary Madera platform. As an alumnus I feel more indebted to working to improve living conditions for both our seminarians and staff.  I consider this institution one of the best in nurturing a new generation of leaders for the church and state.

Here we inspire and equip learners with knowledge, skills and progressive attitudes that enable them to become God-fearing, curious, collaborative, caring, autonomous and agile while achieving their God – guided personal dreams and aspirations. This exposure enables them to be ardent and resilient in a world of constant mutation. Our teaching and non-teaching staff is highly committed to guiding and inspiring the young seminarians to be happy and responsible as they grow toward adulthood.

The institution is still lacking in areas of accommodation, classroom space, ICT, incomplete science laboratory and equipment. We also have cases of students who are struggling to pay their own fees while at the same time studying. This is because some of them are either total orphans or their parents cannot afford to finance their education.  A list of such vulnerable students is included herein under seminarians who need help.

I kindly request   people of good will to generously support such seminarians by offering either half bursary or even full scholarships for them to realize their dreams. Thank you for taking time to visit this site.

Hoc Saxo.

Rev. Fr. Geoffrey Odongo Akiso